Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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1. How has the class blog benefited your own creative progress and ideas?
Probably getting to see previous years work, and seeing my classmates work on there and reading their thoughts and ideas from their own perspective is also really intriguing.  
2. Do you regularly follow any specific blogs, and if so, why?
 I like looking at, vogue and elle websites for trend reports etc. but I have also met some contacts through the followers of my personal blog http://imogenfuchsia.wordpress com, such as bloggers of 'soso style me' which I love.
3. What have you gained from looking at other people’s blogs?
 Contacts, enthusiasm, inspiration and also a way of seeing the world through someone elses eyes (oh how clichéd!)
4. Do you think that having a blog/being part of a blog community has been useful in terms of your university applications, i.e. being able to showcase your work in a more professional way?
 Definitely! It's a great thing to have on your cv, and I always feel smug when I mention in an interview that I'm part of a community blog, because if they go and look, they can see what surroundings I have that inspire me the most, which can say a lot about someone's work too.
5. Do you have your own blog?
 I do indeed!
6. Why?
 It's a really great way to promote and present your work, and it's a great archive to show what stages you've accomplished. Also, along with your own writing and comment, it lets readers get to see your work from a more personal angle which I think is important.
7. Has having your own blog led to anything exciting yet?
 I've had opportunities such as working at Lucy in Disguise with Sarah Owen (Lily Allen's sister) doing styling and photography for a new website, which was great. I've also been offered to write pieces such as trend reports for other blogs such as sosostyleme. 
8. What do you like to blog about the most? Should it all be work, work, work? Why/why not?
I love blogging because I'm one of those people who tend to have a lot to say for themselves. But as much as my blog is about fashion, I do like writing about what's going on in society, what's been inspiring me lately and even other things such as music, books, and what's going on in my life personally; also new finds like websites, phone apps that have helped me or been really useful are good to talk about. If it's all based solidly on one particular topic, it starts to become very generic and boring, you have to drop in some opinion, discussion and the best part is that it's all from your point of view, so it's not a fact, you can write what you think about the subject, good or bad which is refreshing.

Flo :)

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