Tuesday, 15 May 2012

First mask is pretty much finished!!

Celllllllebrate good times COME ON! I have finished (pretty much) my first mask which is Evie's mask and I love it it matches her style so well! 

Here is it... 

And also my amazing Dad has made me stands for all the masks to go on in my show space because he is a DIY freak :) 

I have also made a mask out of modroc FINALLY after weeks of saying that I will, even though I am not using it for the actual masks I needed it to try out a different method. And just for the LOLS...HAHA LOOK AT HIS FACE... 

So yeah! I'm onto masks 2/3 but they're nowhere near finished yet so I should get cracking BYE!

Hannah T x

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  1. aww i love my mask hannah!!! it looks so cool!