Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Black or Gold, That Is The Question . . .

 Hi, its Sally here with this cheeky preview of my current project comes some great responsibility for all my lovely readers. This is the dress I am currently working on, which will be COVERED in black & white print, making the eye dance about. But my question for YOU is should I pick black or gold beading? Let me explain a little more, on the left I have the original bodice, however I want to sew beading along the contour lines, as I have marked out on the right at the sides. I could use black which would add a subtle enhancement, but fit in with the black & white. OR I could go for gold to really put emphases on the main focus of my project, to add a classy touch and it would tie in all my three designs, with a gold touch! SO whats YOUR opinion? BLACK OR GOLD??? To see more of my progress, please go to


  1. This dress looks AMAZING!! sally i really like the print!! I think if it was my dress i would go with black beading to keep with the colour scheme or you could try silver?? from lauren x

  2. Ok thanks for your advice :) xx

  3. I'd go black if I were you, yes its less of a statement but I prefer the subtle line rather than the gold. obviously show in your book how both would look but I prefer the black.