Friday, 18 May 2012


okay so im panicking a little a lot, but I'm slowly getting there, here's what I've been up to recently….


here are my designs for my first two dresses which i did today which i quite like!

beginning of the week, puff binding passport numbers

screen printing negative and positive finger prints, absolute bitch to screen print, never again

finished the hair dress, just need some thicker bias binding for the hem! very see through so need some kind of thing to go under for the catwalk

i really like how it maintains its structure when not on the body which will hopefully make it look good in my exhibition space

measured my material to faith earlier and have sewn in the darts and up the sides! just need to do zip and lining now!

then should be moving onto my devore velvet dress and petri dish dress.

i am currently growing the bacteria to develop prints from so hopefully that won't take too long! so next week I'm going to start trying drilling together the petri dishes, and the same with test tubes to make accessories, might try weaving with hair too.

i also want to include eyes in my final space and online i can get 8"x8" sized digital printed silk crepe de chine to make little canvases or something, so i played around with photoshop with one of the photos i took, don't really like it though but thought id show it anyway…

sorry for the inconsistent blogging, pip x

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