Sunday, 20 May 2012


Doing more art - what a shocker. We've got final crit on friday and I want to be totally up to date with my sketchbook and making, so I won't be freaking out too much over half term, which is in two weeks. I will of course be updating my portfolio and adding a couple of bits to the last couple of projects as well. But FMP is my priority, of course. 
So, what have I been up too?
Well, a ton of screen printing this past week - spent two and a half solid days doing testers of colours, mixing and matching only to have Gayle look at my work and realise the colour scheme (which I had based around colours I had found in nature in Basingstoke - green, lavender blue, raspberry pink...) was terrible. Noooo. So. I caught up on a bit of sketchbook work, and then went through Prints & Patterns on blogspot, put together a colour scheme I loooved, and Gayle helped me mix them up. Pictures to follow! 
I also polyfilled the holes in my table - after I spraypainted the lace effect down the middle (which went wrong, booo) I painted over it, and now that it needs another coat I figured I might as well try to tidy it up some more - I wanted to see what it was like with the holes, it wasn't even country living/well used, it was just abused, so polyfiller went in and the second coat will go on tomorrow. 
I found a pair of unbleached cotton curtains in the Basingstoke Community Furniture place, for £2.50, bargain, so I unpicked those and voila, insta-material. 
Now, I'm at my boyfriends house, sticking a gazillion things in and working my way through Hilary Duff's back movies. And also Lindsay Lohan. Pretty girly films in all. 
Anyway. Back to work! 
M xo 

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