Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Is that Sun I See!?

Due to lack of social life, as opposed to lack of sleep, I've been working harder than ever on this project, and actually, I'm really enjoying it. It's a nice surprise to be honest! I'm loving the tailoring and dress making side of things, and the whole design process is starting to grow on me as I was always more of a 'behind the scenes' kinda girl. Although screen printing is a pain, and working out how to put the garments together has been challenging, it's the things that you find the worst that seem to have the most rewarding outcome, I found. 

I'm actually.. Dare I say.. Enjoying FMP. Yeah. Enjoying it! I don't want it to end! I know the moment the fashion show is done, I'll be bored out of my mind! But probably not for long as I've been (informally) asked by my best friend's Mum to design her wedding dress for her! (I'm a bridesmaid too, but that's a whole new level of excitement, as I've never been one before). But more on that when I get to it.

Anyway, I'm now onto the fourth of five garments, honestly surprised at how well I'm managing all of this, and I hope to get the shorts done by tonight so I can mainly focus on the dress for the next week.
As I've finished the jacket over the weekend, I wanted to finish off the rest of this particular outfit design by completing the shorts. I've done the toile (where you can see how I did on my blog, altered the pattern to fit my design, cut from my actual fabric and screen printed it, I'm now to start putting it together. 

Here's the jacket...

I am actually quite proud of this... About 3 months ago I would never have even considered TRYING to achieve something like this. Shows this new positive attitude is going a very long way!

Patterns cut & screen printed!

Echoing the keys from the skirt, but printed onto the pocket... You'll see how it works...

& of course, the logo from my blog! Personlising every single garment as I go along. Although I have found that this particular print works SO much better on the silk, as opposed to the lining, so I may re-do the logo onto the scraps of silks I have left and sew them into the previous garments.

Anyway. What is up with the weather!? It's like bipolar or something? More emotionally fucked than me at the moment probably... ;) Hope all of your projects are going well and I'm incredibly excited for the final show and exhibition! 

Flo xxxx

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