Tuesday, 29 May 2012

First Year Of Uni

Hey Guys, 
 It's G (Giverny) here, I have been asked to come and write to you about my first year at Bucks New University studying Textiles and Surface Design OBVIOUSLY! Firstly I cannot wait to come and see all of your hard work at the final show, I am really looking forward to seeing it all as I do still keep up to date and have a sneak peak at your work and it all looks really exciting. 
What to say really, I cannot believe I have finished my first year... feels really weird. It really does fly by guys so if there is one bit of advice I can give you is that DON'T WASTE TIME, even if you are feeling a bit wobbly (because lets face it moving away and having to pay for your food can be a little bit daunting) just keep going with it. There are always going to be people that can support you at uni. And you will meet some brilliant people. The pace does pick up and you do have to work harder, but at the same time you also have to learn the way in which the uni wants you to work. Bucks way of working is A LOT different from the way I used to work at Alton. But if your coming here you will also see a lot of similarities. First year has been a massive learning curve for me personally, meeting new friends, developing my work, learning new skills.
The way our year panned out is that we were given a summer project, just simple but then that lead into our first project at uni, pretty standard working on developing drawing, painting and model making skills. The next stage and our next project we were split in half, one half did print , one half did knit... and we swapped over. It has been brilliant learning how to create my own print screen, learn how to use a domestic knit machine, these skills I will hold onto and can use to further my work later on. Finally the project we have handed in is Surface Design, we were all put back together to complete this brief... we were given a title and we had to write our own brief and concept and work however we wanted to to within that. Presenting our ideas to a panel just last week. 
There is so much you will learn about yourself and your work, this year is for really finding yourself (if that is not too cheesy to say) Developing a style so that in 2nd and 3rd year you can become you at your best. 
I am not allowed to post my work due to copyright and lots of boring stuff but I can show you a few photos of what my space has looked like and I can link you to my page... www.itsatextilesthing.blogspot.com  

First Project Presented. 

My wall to inspire my  print designs based on Paisley and Aztec.

Our live photography project to win some prizes basically about photograph manipulation.

I seem to have lost my knit photos...

Final board of my space to inspire my surface design. 

Good Luck Everyone and See You Soon!
Enjoy Uni... and come to Bucks!


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