Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Blogging here, Blogging there!

1. How has the class blog benefited your own creative progress and ideas?

It has been useful to look at last years work, and to see who did what and went to which Uni. It is also good to see what other people in my class have been doing and to make sure i'm on schedule.

 2. Do you regularly follow any specific blogs, and if so, why?

I actually follow loads of blogs. I spend half my life reading other blogs. People I know, People in my class, old friends and famous designers, shops, universities and models. My favourite blogs are those of Bip Ling, Susie Lau, Mikko Puttonen (a photographer from Finland) and Anni Jyrgenson.

 3. What have you gained from looking at other people’s blogs?

Fashion inspiration, business motivation and I have discovered loads of new designers through blogs, which I regularly reference in my project books at College.

 4. Do you think that having a blog/being part of a blog community has been useful in terms of your university applications, i.e. being able to showcase your work in a more professional way?

 Ummm, well I have been able to look at the Uni's blogs to get info about the courses and I gave my interviewers business cards with my blog url on. Not sure if it made much of a difference...

 5. Do you have your own blog?

6. Why?

I find it useful to organise my life. It's kinda like a book of memories for me, that I can look back on and get all sentimental.

 7. Has having your own blog led to anything exciting yet?

 Ummm, I did a post about an upcoming designer brand and the designer commented on the post, which was nice!

8. What do you like to blog about the most? Should it all be work, work, work? Why/why not?
I like to blog about my college work, fashion trends and designers, music and random occurrences that happen in my life. I think your blog should be what you want it to be! Whatever floats your boat!
Here is some of my work...

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