Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A bit of work from my last project!

IT NICOLE :)...Sorry this is really late but i thought i would just put it on anyway!!
Right because im doing the whole how to survive boarding school i made a list of how to "Get in there" with your Clique.

Clique rules!

Make sure you get in with the leader of the group. It means you could be there next chosen leader!

On the first day you need to analyse the group you are going to become life long friends with. Look at the way they strut there stuff, there behaviour in classes, there posture and the way they act with other people. You will also need to see the way they dress and become like them.

Every clique has rules that you will need to obey but if you break those rules your group will have to come up with a solution whether you stay with them or get chucked out! so Do Not! break there rules.

You never make a decision without consulting it with your clique first!

You can be friends with people who aren’t in your clique but must stay with your group. No one likes to be separate!

If your thinking of doing something different with your hair or clothes style you need to as your clique leader first before doing anything.

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