Saturday, 5 February 2011


I've been making latex all week, and it's fun i reccomend it. I added coffee beans and brown pigment into the latex mixture to fit with my colour scheme of brown for the skirt project, and made the little book of latex, for those who haven't seen it its just a book full of latex stuck onto accetate. I like it.
When I was doing some research on latex designers I found some pretty cool stuff, and some pretty dodgey stuff but I won't say about that.

This is designer Abigail Greydanus' work with latex, and I think this is the sort of latex design I am interested in, not the tacky stuff I have seen on some websites.

Then theres Rihanna's video S+M, where there is plenty of latex in good designs, some by Atsuko Kodu. 

I also stumbled upon designers such as Dora Mosjez, William Wilde and Maria Francesca-Pepe. It was really interesting to see how other designers had manipulted the material that I have been working with, latex.. and to see how they made latex look elegant, even though its fairly gross. Especially when its brown

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