Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Trip to London

HEY! Its Courtney
I managed to go to the Future beauty: 30 years of japanese fashion exhibtion today at the barbican!!! with my mum's uni.
It was aaamazing! i loved the structures, forms and techniques used to create the garments, especially the knit peices!
There was two really vintage looking bodices made from knit by Tao Kurihara which i fell in love with! And also this knitted sweater by Rei Kawahubo.I basically liked it all!
There were soo many designs i loved and i have been relly inspired by them. It was amazing how they showed some of the garments flat - like a flat pack next to the garments being worn - it was interesting to see the shapes when the garments where layed out.
The designs who's work was showed where Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, Jun Takahashi and Tao Kurihara (dont have a clue how to pronounce most of them)
I thought of Becca when i saw Issey Miyake's oragami collection - would have been perfect for her last project!
I would definialty tell soemone who was into fashion to go and see it but unfortunatly it ends on the 6th (i think) but it was worth going to see it!

hope everyoens interviews etc are going well!

oh and my colour for this next project is pink! so who ever else has pink you have ME as your partner =]

see you tomorrow!

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