Saturday, 5 February 2011

Think Pink

Hi guys :)
Its Abi doing a well overdue blog and I have a very badly swollen eye, so I can't see a lot at the moment!
For this current project, my colour is pink, which I assume you've probably guessed from my choice of font colour. Today i've been taking photos of possible moodboard layouts, and ill like to share them with you :)

Layout one

In this layout I used pencils, ribbon, thread, cat food, a dog toy, sweets, soap, and a condom :)

Layout Two :)

After this layout, I realised that my technique was neat and straight so therefore I decided to make my next layout messy and chaotic.

Im not sure which style is better. The neater version will be a lot easier to stick down, I think the messy one may be too busy, I shall ask by other people :) next time ill go for the 'Less is more' option and not use everything, ill save some things for my little pink book. :)

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