Monday, 7 February 2011

Gold is the colour of riches...

Hey guys, its becca :)
just an update of what I've been doing lately ... as as you know we have been given our new fashion project and mine is gold :) which I am very pleased about!
So here are some of my photos from my sketchbook and my 'Little Book of Gold':

Sorry for the not-so-good quality, but you get the idea!
So, we also did mood boards on friday and switched to different colours to their out their mood boards for them (if you get the idea!) ANYWAY, I found this really interesting as looking back on the photos, I actually prefer what everyone else did with my gold items :) so here are some photos of what I've done ...

So thats what I'm doing at the moment :) and wooooo!! offers from Falmouth and LCC :) happy becca!
Until next time...

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