Friday, 4 February 2011


I don't really want to post on your site - but I said I would summarise what your homework was for the weekend......

1.Start your sketchbooks if you haven't already - there should be a title page, perhaps a collage or a dictionary definition perhaps...
2. Print out 15 photos of your moodboards and paste them into your sketchbooks.
3. print out and stick in your 3 Polyvore try outs.
4. Stick down your Moodboard and put it in your folios - these I would like to see by Monday afternoon.
5. Get in touch with your partner and discuss a SENSIBLE rule for another partnership to abide by - these will be selected at random from a hat on Monday afternoon - please print them out.
6. If you haven't posted yet this week, post.
7. Come in on Monday with a determined and positive attitude!

Good to see some hard work taking place today......


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